Appointments Advisory Committee

Appointment Advisory

But you can call us "AAC" for short!

  • What is AAC?

    The AAC recommends candidates who should fill vacancies in SGA. AAC members will review application for all SGA advertised positions and informs potential members of all responsibilities and time commitments associated with their prospective position. Candidates recommended for office must get Senate approval.

  • Who runs AAC?

    The Chair of AAC is Aidan Meadows and the Vice-chair is Mike Acevedo. 

    Have a question about appointments or open positions? Click the box below to email Aidan! 

  • When does AAC meet?

    AAC meets Friday's typically starting at 11 AM. We meet as needed when applications for positions come in! 

  • What has AAC done?

    You can find past and upcoming agendas & minutes for AAC on Mountain Lion Connect!