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2021 SGA Election
Important Dates
Applications to Run due: Feb. 14th, 2022 by 6pm

Mandatory Candidate Meeting, UC 302: Feb. 14th, 2022 at 6pm

Election Week: March 7th - 11th , 2022

Elections vs Appointments?

What is the difference between being elected and being appointed?
  • Being Elected

    Every year SGA holds an election for the following years executive and senator positions. In this process applicants fill out an application on MLC to run for a position in the election. Through different events such as the candidate meeting, candidate meet & greet, and the candidate debate, etc. candidates campaign for the student vote culminating in the week long voting period in early March. Following this votes are counted and those who win by a majority vote serve in the position for the following year!

  • Being Appointed

    The appointment process is run by the Appointment Advisory Committee (AAC) within SGA. SGA members both appointed and elected serve on this committee. The appointments process typically begins at the start of each fall semester. Students submit application a more extensive application (including submitting a resume, cover letter, and answering questions about their intent) on MLC for the position they wish to pursue. The AAC then decides which candidate to interview and conducts an interview process. From there chosen applicants are recommended by the AAC to the Senate who take a final vote on the applicant. If appointed to the position the applicant will then serve in the position until the end of the year.