Sean Tran (2021)

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Sean Tran (2021)

Sean Tran

Candidate for Senator of Engineering


What is your academic major/educational track?

  • Mechanical Engineering, Graduate Student

Why are you running for this position in the Student Government Association?

  • I completed my undergraduate at UCCS as a Mechanical Engineering major, which gave me insight to how the curriculum was laid out and was able to network with a lot of the professors. Currently, I am working towards my Masters, also in Mechanical Engineering, and would like to be able to represent the engineering community as I want to be able to come up with better opportunities for the engineering community. I have established contact with a lot of engineers, electrical and mechanical and I believe I would be a good asset in representing their interests and qualms about the Engineering department.

What past experiences would make you a great candidate for the Student Government Association?

  • I am currently the Senator of Innovation, so I have experience with what it is like to work in Student Government. I am also a tutor at the Engineering Excel Center, which allows me to work one- on- one with Engineering students. As a graduate research student, I am able to network with professors in the program.

What are some of your hobbies/interests and how are you involved at UCCS?

  • Some of my hobbies include gaming, watching, movies, hiking, working out and rock climbing. Interests include music, learning about engineering concepts and building/ tinkering. My involvement at UCCS includes being a part of the National Society of Black Engineers, being a Senator of Innovation, as well as being a tutor and research student. I have also worked at Cafe 65 in the past.