Taylor Silbernagel (2021)

Taylor Silbernagel

Taylor Silbernagel (2021)

Taylor Silbernagel

Candidate for Senator at Large


What is your academic major/educational track?

  • B.S. in Business; Emphasis: Sport Management & Marketing, Minor in Sport Communications

Why are you running for this position in the Student Government Association?

  • I am a people person in all sense of the term. Working alongside other motivated students and conversing with professionals at UCCS interest me both equally, and serving as a Senator-at-Large this year has provided me a glimpse into how positive that experience with SGA can be. I am choosing to reapply to run for the 2021-2022 school year because now that I feel I am finally getting a grasp of all the intricacies of the Senate I can confidently help evoke change in the future. Although I have only been in the Senate for half a year I have already learned so much from all the individuals that make up what SGA is. Everyone has their own backgrounds and ideals. Seeing us all come together to represent the student body effectively and passionately is something I want to continue being a part of.

What past experiences would make you a great candidate for the Student Government Association?

  • Besides serving as a Senator-at-Large for the majority of my freshman year here at UCCS, there are many other past experiences I have that help me bring a lot to the table in the Senate and Student Government as a whole. Within my Senator-at-Large position, I served on the Budget Advisory Committee where we allocated funds to various campus clubs and I also served on the Library Advisory Committee where I played a role in helping administrators decide amongst candidates for the new dean of the Kramer Family Library. In addition to serving as the Senator-at-Large, I am also an active student in the Sport Management Activities Council (SMAC), a group of students who works to plan events for the Sport Management program and build connections with industry professionals. At UCCS I also serve as a member of the LIVE Leadership program on campus and Clyde’s Guide/Student Ambassador in the Office of Admissions. Additionally, during high school, I served as the elected representative of my Senior class at Corvallis High School with several responsibilities. Rather than focus on planning the perfect senior prom or making sure the football theme was on par, I took it upon myself to focus on larger issues that weren't being recognized by the administration at my high school. Topics like racism not being addressed in literature classes, compost bins being thrown to the side by custodians, and overpowering staff that took it upon themselves to control students. Each of these experiences, whether they be my senior year of high school or first semester at UCCS, has taught me valuable skills such as time management, resiliency, and passion for advocating for others in my community, whomever that community may consist of.

What are some of your hobbies/interests and how are you involved at UCCS?

  • You can almost always find me waking up early for sunrise hikes before my 8 am classes and exploring new trails on the weekends! One of the main reasons I chose UCCS as an out-of-state student was the completely new environment and crazy views. I am originally from Corvallis, Oregon, and don’t get me wrong Oregon is a beautiful state but I have come to love the endless opportunities to explore in the town of Colorado Springs. If I am not hiking, I am either squeezing in some chapters of a new book or jumping on calls with industry professionals to learn about all things sports. As soon as I got on campus, I knew that I wanted to get involved and build my community here in Colorado Springs, through high school I was heavily involved but I knew moving to UCCS that the slate would be wiped clean and I would have to start fresh building my community. Despite only actually being on campus a little over three months I have found multiple ways to get involved – including being a LIVE Leader, Soccer Game Day Manager for UCCS Men’s and Women’s Soccer teams, SGA Senator, an active student in SMAC, member of SGA Budget Advisory Committee, member of the Library Advisory Committee and a Clyde’s Guide/Student Ambassador.